Say “Thank You”

Thank you
Two little words that can mean so much.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we take many things for granted. Take two seconds to show someone that you appreciate their kind gestures.

I remember once I developed a heat rash on my hand. It wasn’t an emergency by any means, but it was itchy and uncomfortable. I called my doctor and knowing it would only take him a minute to tend to me, he squeezed me into his busy day between appointments. I thanked him for seeing me on such short notice and he said in return, “Thank you for saying thank you.” He then went on to tell me how none of his patients ever thanked him. They all took him for granted. He understood that a lot of them were not feeling well but he felt like they didn’t appreciate him. Here he was caring for them, listening to their needs. My simple thank you brightened up his day. I left his office with enough sample-sized ointments to last me a lifetime of itchy rashes.

So remember, the next time you lose a filling and your dentist squeezes you into his busy schedule, thank him for not making you wait another day in discomfort.

When someone waves you through a stop sign before them, instead of speeding up to beat you through, give a little nod or wave to show your appreciation for their politeness.

The more you thank people for their kindnesses, the more apt they will be to show future kindnesses.


2 responses to “Say “Thank You”

  1. I love when people say ‘Thank You.’ It happens so infrequently that it stands out when it happens…

  2. We all have those skin care and beauty rules we follow that have absolutely no history of proving themselves valid. So why do we follow them? Simply because the myth of their validity is so perpetuated by word-of-mouth that we assume it to be true.