New Year’s Eve – The Romantic Dinner for Four

candlelight dinner
Four? Why would you want to get romantic with four people? Romance is not only about love between you and your mate. Romance is the stuff of fairy tales. Include your children in your romantic evening meal. They will enjoy a sumptuous candlelit dinner as well as you. So here are instructions for a fairytale romantic dinner…for four.

Set the dinner table with candles. Dim the lights and put on some easy music that transcends generations, like Frank Sinatra or Rosemary Clooney. Tony Bennett is particularly popular with the younger crowd.

Dress up, even though you are staying home. It adds a festive air to the occasion. Forgo the usual family pizza and bring in quality foods. Perhaps order from a local restaurant so you don’t have to cook. Be sure to include a fabulous dessert.

After the meal is finished, dance in your living room or take an after-dinner walk.

Then ring in the New Year by mixing up some special drinks. If you’d like to toast with some bubbly, have some non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider on hand for the kids. Serve in fancy champagne glasses.

At the stroke of midnight, resolve to spend this kind of quality time with your family more often.

Happy New Year from Grace Magazine.

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