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How To Get Sexy Dancer’s Legs

Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger in Chicago
In the movie Chicago, Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones were in impeccable shape with beautiful dancer’s legs.

You too can have gorgeous gams. The key is to work out in heels rather than in sneakers or tennis shoes.

By heels I mean character shoes, the kind of dance shoes they wear on Broadway. They are basically tap shoes without the taps. You can get them in varying heel heights.

character shoes
I bought these character shoes to wear while I work out to this DVD: Sexy Legs with Leisa Hart.

It’s the first workout DVD I’ve seen that suggests you wear heels.

Chita Rivera originated the role of Chicago‘s Velma on Broadway. Check out her beautiful legs at age 70+. And she’s only 5’ 3 1/2″
Chita Rivera


Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
The big day will be here before you know it, so shop early to get the good stuff. Drawing a blank this year? Here are some ideas:

Bing Cherry Chocolates from Harry & David
Bing Cherry Chocolates from Harry & David. Scrumptious.

I Love You Roses from Red Envelope
I Love You Roses from Red Envelope. How sweet.

Nikita Satin Lingerie from Agent Provocateur
Nikita Satin Lingerie from Agent Provocateur. How naughty.

Blood and Sand starring Rudolph Valentino
Blood and Sand starring Rudolph Valentino. The screen’s greatest lover.

Romanza by Andrea Bocelli
Romanza, Andrea Bocelli’s first CD. Pure Romance.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

SAG Awards – Fashion Pictures Part 3

Winning them all, Helen Mirren:
Helen Mirren - Photo from Yahoo

The Pros, Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews:
Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews - Photo from Yahoo

Grey’s Anatomy’s babes, Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh:
Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh - Photo from Yahoo

SAG Awards – Fashion Pictures Part 2

Eva Longoria in soft blue:
Eva Longoria - Photo from Yahoo

Demi Moore in electric blue:
Demi Moore - Photo from Yahoo

Teri Hatcher always looks pretty in white:
Teri Hatcher - Photo from Yahoo

SAG Awards – Fashion Pictures Part 1

Rachel McAdams with pink hair:
Rachel McAdams - Photo from Yahoo

Anne Hathaway with splendidly pale skin:
Anne Hathaway - Photo from Yahoo

America Ferrera lovely in green:
America Ferrera - Photo from Yahoo

Julie Andrews Honored at SAG Awards

Julie Andrews Honored By Screen Actors Guild
Songstress and screen siren Julie Andrews was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Screen Actors Guild.

She was presented the award by former co-stars Anne Hathaway and Dick Van Dyke.

Looking dazzling in a black gown, Dame Julie Andrews is best known for her roles in Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and to younger audiences for The Princess Diaries.

Congratulations, Julie!

Fashion Houses To Debate Dealing With Eating Disorders

The overskinny model has become all too common on the fashion runway and in magazines.

A number of fashion cities are starting to crack down on overly thin waifs and have banned models that have too low a BMI (Body Mass Index).

In The Devil Wears Prada we’re meant to laugh at script lines where a woman says she doesn’t eat anything, then when she feels like she is about to faint, eats a cube of cheese.

We know it’s for laughs in the movie, but there are girls who really do that. There is thin and then there is Skeltor.

Read more in Yahoo’s news.

Girls, please eat something.