Beauty Over 40 – What They Don’t Tell You

Beauty Over 40
We worship youth in the U.S. But true beauty is timeless. has an interesting article about what to expect when you hit 40 years old…and how to cope with it.

Don’t be ashamed of your chin hairs. We all get them. But here’s the best way to deal with them: article: Beauty Over 40


2 responses to “Beauty Over 40 – What They Don’t Tell You

  1. oscar santos

    I am absolutely in love for all mature women. They know better how to walk, how to look, how to listen, how to talk and when they wear make-up, they become absolutely goddesses with their own shining power that I wouldn´t ever go out with a young 20-something. I´d always rather stay with a over-50-girlfriend. My last girlfriend was 62. When I was 18 I dated a 46yr old who taught me so much about life in and out of bed. A great homage to all of you, mature ladies out there!

  2. A real beauty over 40 ! is wasting it ! truly should to be on a cover 40 magazine