How To Enter a Room

Constance Bennett
Silent movie star-turned-author Louise Brooks once said she learned how to enter a nightclub by watching Constance Bennett.

Ms. Bennett, a highly successful actress at the time, walked into the club with head held high, paused at the top of the stairs leading to the dance floor, and glanced around the room while holding her fur coat closed at the neck.

While our evening events are not so extremely glamorous these days, you can still make a dramatic impact when you enter a room full of people.

First impressions are always the strongest and body language says a lot about you.

Here are some tips:

Good posture is key. Practice this in front of a mirror before you go out: Stand tall, imagine a string pulling up from the top of your head, lifting your body to its full height. Pull the back of your neck up straight and your chin in. Hold in your stomach and tuck your bum under, so that your torso is straight, not swayed. It may feel uncomfortable at first but you will appear taller and more commanding.

It’s all in your attitude. Try not to feel self-conscious. Instead of thinking “Okay, here I am,” think “Ahh, there you are.”

Don’t smile right away. Keep a straight face until you see someone you know. It will add to your mystique.

Go out and practice this weekend and let Grace Magazine know how it turns out.


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  1. Constance Bennett, Joan Bennett, and Barbara Bennett is part African-American and maybe of Melungeon origin due to Bennett.