My Big Fat Greek Pagan Ceremony

Ancient Greek Religious Ceremony
A group of worshippers reenacted an ancient Greek ceremony honoring the god Zeus in Athens on Sunday.

It was the first known religious ceremony held at the 1,800-year-old temple since the ancient Greek religion was banned by the Roman Empire in the late 4th century.

The group asked Zeus to bring peace to the world. They have been working to revive the ancient religion in Greece and have won a court battle for state recognition.

“We do not believe in dogmas and decrees, as the other religions do. We believe in freedom of thought,” one member stated.

Read the full story on Yahoo news.

I like the idea of a religion with both male and female gods.

So, in keeping with the Greek theme, here is a bit of fun:
Which of the Greek Muses are you?

Here are my results:
You are Erato. The muse of love poetry, you view the world through rose colored glasses. Appearance is very important to you, and you are considered to be the most beautiful of all nine muses.

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