Peter Frampton Is Still Alive

Peter Frampton
When I was a kid, FramptonComes Alive! was the hottest albumn on the planet. Well, in this editor’s opinion, rock ain’t what it used to be. Radio has no time for ten minute guitar solos.

But there are still some shining lights out there.

As mentioned in a previous post, rock legends Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey have a new albumn out, or I should say CD.

But other guitar heroes are still out there as well. Peter Frampton has a new all-instrumental CD called Fingerprints. He had a nice CD a couple of years back called Now, which had a track called Greens that I love. It is surely a tribute to Peter Green. And if you don’t know who Peter Green is, well, do yourself a favor and find out.

Grace Magazine loves guitar gods.

2 responses to “Peter Frampton Is Still Alive

  1. I love “Now”. I also put “Comes Alive” in my iTunes at work. We’re networked there and I have had quite a few people come over to me and ask who Peter Frampton is. Apparently…”he rocks!”

  2. I like his song “Show me the way”