Spanish Fashion Show Sticks to Its Guns

Spanish Fashion Show
Organizers of Spain’s top fashion show rejected five models for being too thin this weekend.

They had previously announced that women below a body mass to height ratio of 18 would not be permitted to walk the catwalk.

One of the models was 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed only 110 pounds. She was rejected because her body mass index was only 16.

Some of the girls had just participated in 25 shows at New York’s Fashion Week.

It’s time for a fashion reality check.

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One response to “Spanish Fashion Show Sticks to Its Guns

  1. We’re such a society of extremes. Good for the Spanish, going after the anemic extreme.

    At the same time, I read on the blog Stolen Moments: ( that obesity is now more of a problem worldwide than starvation. Even in poor countries a lot of sugar and starch gets dumped so that people are now both fat and malnourished.

    We need to strike a halthy balance. (Me, too, so long as I get to keep a little sausage, cheese, and beer.)