Francis Ford Coppola – Back In The Game

Francis Ford Coppola
Much-beloved American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola has announced plans for a fictional biopic about several generations of an artistic family.

Sound familiar? Coppola’s father won an Oscar for composing the score to Godfather Part II. His mother was an actress, as is his sister and several nephews. His daughter, Sofia, is a gifted filmmaker and Oscar-winning screenwriter.

Work is almost complete on his latest film Youth Without Youth starring Tim Roth.

He says he has been reinvigorated and wants to start making smaller films on the schedule of Woody Allen, which basically means one movie per year.

We hope he sticks to his word. I can’t think of another American filmmaker today who has the talent of Francis Coppola. Perhaps, Oliver Stone.

Francis and Sofia Coppola

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One response to “Francis Ford Coppola – Back In The Game

  1. ah, so he has the same birthday as William Wordsworth. Both masterful storytellers.

    I can’t wait for another epic film series. Lord of the Rings has played out, and Potter will be done soon as well.

    We’ve been spoilt 🙂