Your Closet Called…It Wants New Clothes for Spring

That’s the title of an email I received from

Black and White Clothes for SpringAnd it’s right. My closet desperately wants some new clothes. I recently moved and can’t find half of my wardrobe but I’m not really missing it. I need a change. I just cut my hair, bought some new shoes, new makeup. Now I need clothes.

I think I have “Devil Wears Prada” syndrome. All the women in that movie had so many wonderful clothes. They looked so “on” every day. I’m trying to break my lazy routine of throwing on jeans and a tee shirt. I want to be fashionable. Perhaps I’m having an early mid-life crisis.

Speaking of Prada, look at these black and white shoes. And I’m guessing that’s a Chanel bag. I always loved black and white for spring, so smart and clean-looking.
Prada Shoes and Chanel Bag at
So anyway, I took the bluefly bait, and while I didn’t buy any clothes, I did buy these Forties-inspired Delman pumps. They’re 4 inches high. I’ll never be able to walk in them. But my closet will be very happy.
Delman Pumps at

2 responses to “Your Closet Called…It Wants New Clothes for Spring

  1. Okay, I’m with you – I love those Delman pumps. As for not walking in them, I’d take lessons before I’d leave them in my closet to collect dust. Lisa