Scarves for Men – Casually Royal

Andrea Casiraghi wearing a scarf
Scarves are a great way for men to accessorize. They look cool with casual clothes and show the wearer has confidence.

It’s also a good way to add some color to your wardrobe.

Pictured above is Andrea Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco, grandson to Grace Kelly. He wears it well.

Here is another view of his scarf as he walks with sister Charlotte.
Charlotte and Andrea Casiraghi
Want a scarf for yourself? Here is a shopping link to Forzieri.

2 responses to “Scarves for Men – Casually Royal

  1. my maths professor was a compulsive scarf wearer. Very stylish.


  2. I wear Hermes and other scarves as an ascot or tied neckerchief style often…