Defending Antonella Barba, Victim of the Web

Antonella Barba, American Idol
For those of you who don’t know, Antonella Barba is a contestant on American Idol. Suggestive photos of her have surfaced on the Internet.

There are many racy photos that she obviously posed for. And why not? She is a beautiful girl. She can do what she wants.

But there is another set of photos that are really bad. These photos do not feature Antonella Barba. The X-rated pictures were found to be from an amateur porn site. The woman has similar facial features to Barba. But if you look closely at their bodies, they are not the same person.

The blog world went wild with these photos without ever checking their sources. Rumor was presented as fact. People were shouting to get her kicked off American Idol.

Please keep in mind that bloggers are not journalists. The Internet is a gigantic storehouse of unverifiable truths.

Information flies so quickly these days and publishing is instantaneous. Be sure to check your facts before you condemn.


11 responses to “Defending Antonella Barba, Victim of the Web

  1. if only she could sing in tune. but then again, neither can jennifer lopez.

  2. Even before the “porn” photos were determined to be fake, I posted that it didn’t matter to me. I think she should’ve been asked to leave the show because of the photos taken at the War Memorial. They were disrespectful, in very poor judgement and not to mention illegal to have taken them (the very act of getting into the fountain is against the law I understand). Then there’s that little pesky detail of photos on the toilet.

    It is certainly wrong for people to continue blaming her for the porn photos that have been determined to be of someone else in the middle of a sex act, but even without those, she made choices about her behaviour that should’ve seen her asked to leave the show.

    The producers did not ask her to leave not because of racism as some reports are claiming, but as I’ve written about, because of ratings. That too, is shameful for a show that previously asked people to leave for similar “offences” suddenly seems to have jumped on the bandwagon for the Britney/Paris/Lindsay type of ratings.

    As I wrote several hours ago, after watching her elimination from the show Thursday, the truth will come out shortly. We will either see her accept one of the Playboy, Girls Gone Wild or SugarDVD offers and know this was indeed all about fame and money at any cost, or we’ll see her turn those kinds of offers down.

    If she turns down the offers, I’ll join you on the defending bandwagon.

  3. I agree that if Antonella had been proven to have been paid for those pictures and had direct knowledge that those pictures would be posted on the Web, she should have been booted out by the producers. But apparently there was insufficient evidence to prove that, so the producers were right to hold off on judgment until verifiable facts came out. Now that Antonella has been voted out, maybe the truth will come out. But does it matter? None of the contestants who left while she stayed had a big chance to make the top 12, anyway.

  4. She is not a victim of the web.

    She is a victim of her own ambitions and the typical disrespectful attitude of her generation.

    If you put yourself out to be a celebrity, don’t get upset when you become a celebrity. You become public property, and better have a thick skin.

    Be careful for what you wish, you may surely get it.

  5. She CAN NOT sing. The only reason she made it through was based on her looks and potential for controversies and ratings.

  6. She’s not a victim of ANYTHING. Let’s stop throwing this victimhood mentality around all the time. She’s an adult, she’s made her decisions, she’s living with them. What’s the big deal?

    See my (now slightly dated) article here

  7. When someone publishes X-rated photos and wrongly says they are you, then you are a victim of identity theft. Those pictures could ruin her life. She didn’t pose for them. They are not her.

    The other photos, who cares? She obviously participated willingly. I can’t believe how prudish our society is still.

    It’s a singing competition. And she got voted off.

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  9. shes a skank

  10. I always say to my friends – let’s NOT get famous.