How To: Walk in High Heels

pointe shoes, the ultimate high heelI’m doing research on this subject, since I’m a baby when it comes to high-heeled shoes. Three-inch heels are usually my limit, so I’ve slowly been working my way up.

You’d think that after years of balancing on pointe shoes as a kid, I would be more comfortable in higher shoes. And when I was in college I went out dancing in heels all the time. But I’m out of practice.

My shoes have gotten so functional and sensible. So I started shoe shopping like a maniac. I moved into 3.5-inch ankle boots. I started with a boot because I wanted the secure feeling that the shoe wasn’t going to slip off my foot. And it worked. I’m comfortable in them now.

So I just purchased 4-inch pumps that have a small platform in the front. They don’t feel as high as they look because the platform reduces the severity of the arch. I’m still a little wobbly in them and I wish they had ankle straps so I’d feel more secure. But they don’t. They’re actually cut low on the foot.

If I can master these, I think I’ll be able to walk gracefully in any height of a heel.

Does anybody have any pointers?


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