Makeup Test: Smoky Eye Tutorial

Bare Escentuals Smoky Eye Tutorial
Learn The Lessons They Didn’t Teach In School

That’s the tagline on Bare Escentuals Smoky Eye Tutorial. It consists of two eye shadows and a special double-sided makeup brush.

Celestine Glimmer is a highly shimmery pewter color you put all over your eyelid.

Skyline Eyeshadow is a dark gray lilac color you use along your lashline to create a dramatic effect.

It takes some practice and you have to use the glimmer very sparingly, but the smoky eye is a beautiful, striking look.

Be sure to balance your look with a pale lip. Too much drama on the face and you’ll look like a flashback to the 1980s.

Try it and see what kind of trouble you can start with a smoldering eye.


5 responses to “Makeup Test: Smoky Eye Tutorial

  1. Jeannemarie Auclair

    I am a huge fan of bare escentuals. I have the large kit, love the mineral foundation, the well rested, and, especially, the bisque (all purpose touch-up and PERFECT in color).

    I am eager to try the above!

  2. I’ve just started with the line. I’m so tired of liquid foundations. I have the foundation, mineral veil and I’ve started going crazy buying glimmers. I’m a big eye shadow fan. And I love the buki brush.

  3. After having repeated breakouts due to stress, one day i threw away all of my old makeup and purchased the Bare Escentuals starter kit. Since then I’ve purchased more items, brushes and kits – With a tiny bit of practice, this makeup will be your very best friend and the envy of all of your other friends. I’ve never felt so perpetually fresh-faced and glowing, no matter what sort of blemish pops up. There are so many ways you can mingle the different shadows for a huge variety of looks too – I’ve found that you can achieve the smokey eye with colours other than those provided in the kit “IF” you have the instruction card. It’s probably better for a friend to just email you the instructions to test before plunking down $32 – and you can use any 2 of your own contrasting B.E. eyeshadows to do so.

    The tiny angled end of the double ended eye brush & 1 dark liner shadow is better than any liquid eyeliner you’ll ever use, with a much more polished, movie-star look and you’ll never walk out of the house worrying about looking like a clown!

    Hands down this is the best line of cosmetics I’ve ever used.

  4. I ordered the smokey eyes tutorial 1 thru e-bay since it is no longer available thru bare escentuals. Guess what? No instructions! So Brandy, I know we’re not friends, but could you possibly post the instructions?


  5. I can’t find the original instructions. But here is a link to a very helpful video detailing the smokey eye look.

    Hope this helps. — Grace