Arab Drifting – A YouTube Phenomenom

I don’t know why I find this entertaining. These guys are lunatics. They don’t care if they run each other over. Arab drifting seems to have become a YouTube phenomenon.

Note the absence of women anywhere in the city.

Drifting is oversteering and keeping the car sideways. That’s an oversimplification, but you get the idea. Competitions, such as Formula D, judge not only speed but also the graceful line a driver takes through corners.

Here’s some footage of the “Drift King” Keiichi Tsuchiya demonstrating his technique.


Oh yeah, and there’s this guy on a bike:

6 responses to “Arab Drifting – A YouTube Phenomenom

  1. Hehe….I’d only try that in video games. Still, it’s what makes Rally driving and drift racing so enjoyable to watch.

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    Have a gander at and try the Green Generator. It creates the same type of embedding code as YouTube only with more options.

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  2. Either Kuwait or Saudi

  3. yes thats tru , but you have to know that its not because they have alot of money , they rent a car then they report it as stolen car in police station , OR (which is commonly) rent cars with FAKE iD cards , they go most of the time in large group of spectators (about 500 or more) and three drifters or mre start to drift , most of the people stay away and watch and enjoy the drift , onle very few spectators stand near the road , few accidents happened , but some stupid people made compilation of accidents that happened during a year to two years ,, and ya , that drift happened in ONLY Saudia Arabia , and ONLY in Riyadh City no were else , and you cant see that kind of drift in any other place on earth , and i like saudi drift Very Much 🙂 regards

  4. one more point I want to add, is that the roads in Saudi Arabia (Specially riyadh) is different from any where else in the world.

    You only need to push on the gas a little and you wheels will be spinning like there is no tomorrow. It feels like driving on wet road but its not wet.

    If you actually try doing the same stunt on a normal road like the ones we have in Kuwait you will flip from 80KM/Hour & those guys are doing at least 180KM/Hour! so you can see the difference!

  5. I’m curious about the police not interfeering? Seems the films are shot daytime on a busy street. Aren’t insurance et police aware of the fact or do they tolerate?