How To: Choose a Career

Many of us will spend most of our lives working. But work needn’t be tedious and boring. If you are going to be happy in life, you need to be happy in your career choice.

If you get the Sunday night blahs every time you think about going to work the next morning, it may be time for a change.

While some people choose to do one thing their whole lives, some people often have more than one career in their lifetime. No matter what path you choose, hard work and dedication are vital traits to cultivate. Be very good at whatever you choose to do.

  • Here’s a lesson I learned from the Girl Scouts many moons ago. Write down three things that you like to do. Write down anything you like, even if it seems frivolous. Do you like to eat ice cream? Write it down.

    Next, think about how those things could translate into marketable skills. You could run an ice cream parlor. Do you like to eat? You could be a restaurant critic or a caterer. Do you like basketball? You could be a children’s basketball coach or a sports writer. Do you like to shop? You could be a mystery shopper or a buyer for a department store.

  • Need ideas? Take some classes to try new things. You might even meet some interesting people. If you don’t have time to go to classes, try some online courses. Many of them are free.
  • Find out what you are really good at and become an expert. When you find out what you like to do, become a master at it. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Be the best cookie baker or the best calligrapher. If you enjoy doing something, you might as well be good at it.
  • Browse through a bookstore and buy a book on a topic you know nothing about. It’ll expand your mind.

Maximize your talents and you will happy in your career.


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