Oliver Stone To Direct Anti-War TV Spot

Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone will direct a TV commercial as part of a campaign by MoveOn.org and VoteVets.org to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq.

“We have leaders in Washington who say they’re supporting our troops but the people who suffer most from their policies are the troops themselves,” Stone said.

“I decided to participate in this project because, as a veteran, I know that America needs to listen to our servicemen and women. They’ve been there and they know what’s really going on. They need to be part of this debate.”

Stone, a three-time Academy Award winner, is a Vietnam veteran. He won the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart with First Oak Leaf Cluster.

His most recent films are World Trade Center and Alexander.

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4 responses to “Oliver Stone To Direct Anti-War TV Spot

  1. imtheotherdave

    Oliver Stone lost it as a director years ago. He has a big mouth but no brain, a thinking man’s Melvin Gibson.

  2. I can’t imaging American film without Oliver Stone. What would be considered a political film? What would be considered a thoughtful film? ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’?

  3. imtheotherdave

    What would be considered a thoughtful film? Not style over substance, poor style at that.

    What would be considered a thoutful film?
    Any Given Sunday?
    The Doors?
    Natural Born Killers?
    World Trade Centre?

    Are they Thoughtful? Huh? If so, yes the 40 year old virgin is too!

  4. JFK and NIXON are two films that will leave you thinking for a long time afterwards. Maybe even change your life.

    Platoon, Born On The 4th of July and Heaven & Earth will give you a lot to think about, too.