Everybody Wants To Be Kate Moss

Kate Moss Modeling Her Collection at TopShop

Kate Moss is known for her personal style as much as for her beauty and catwalking skills. Now, you too can have Kate’s style. The much anticipated Kate Moss collection for TopShop finally went on sale in London.

A crowd of 1,000 Gathered at TopShop

An orderly crowd of 1,000 gathered outside TopShop to buy from the Kate Moss collection. Customers were limited to 5 items, only 1 of each item. There are a total of 50 items in the collection.

In the U.S., the collection will be available at Barney’s New York.

Kate MossI always liked Kate Moss’s look. She wasn’t an amazon like the supermodel trinity. And although she was considered a waif, she always had a bit of a booty. She was naturally thin, not like the models of today whose knees knock together when they strut down the runway.

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Kate Moss Collection at TopShop


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