How To Create Your Own Eye Shadow Blends

Eye-Safe Micas

It’s fun to experiment with your own eye shadow blends. You can buy cosmetic-grade micas, the main ingredient in all of Bare Escentuals products, from a supply company and make your own makeup at a fraction of the cost.

The most important thing to remember is to use micas that are safe for eyes and lips. There are many micas available that are used to coloring products such as soap and lotions. But when making eye shadows, be sure to use ones that are safe for cosmetics, specifically for eyes.

I buy my micas from Bramble Berry. You can get a sample pack of 9 colors for less than $10.00. Or buy the single colors in 1 ounce jars for $4.50. They will last forever. Seriously, you only have to use the tiniest bit.

Here is a list of their selection of colors that are safe to use on eyes.

Here is the page where you can see and purchase the colors.

I stress again, be sure to use only the colors that are on the eye-safe list. A lot of the micas on this page are used for coloring other products.

To make eye shadows, use one color straight up or mix two together to create unique blends. Just tap a little into the lid of the container and dip in an eye shadow brush. Tap off the excess and apply to the eye lid.

I love to mix the gold sparkle with some of the stronger colors to create a glamorous shimmer. For example, try tapping some Cellini blue into the lid of the jar, then add a tiny bit of the light gold sparkle. Beautiful. Sometimes, I use the rose pearl as blush. It’s a soft pink that gives a youthful blush to cheeks. Or try putting a tiny bit of gold sparkle on your lips after you’ve applied your favorite lip gloss. The possibilities are endless.

Just like the Bare Escentuals glimmers, use sparingly. Micas are jam-packed with pigment and sparkle. A little goes a long way. Careful application is essential. They have a tendency to get all over the place.

Colors in Top row: Cellini Blue, Light Gold, Gold Sparkle, Rose Pearl

Eye-Safe Micas
Colors: Violacious Violet, Antique Blue, Aqua Pearl, Vintage Grey

Eye-Safe Mica
Colors: Coral, Cappucino, Patina Sheen, Mauvey Gem

Have fun experimenting. Let Grace Magazine know what blends you come up with.


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