Adventures In Shopping On Rodeo Drive


Mall shopping is passé and while online shopping can put the entire world market at your fingertips, sometimes you just gotta take the fashonista walk down Rodeo Drive. There is no substitute for browsing in shops that most of the population wouldn’t dare enter.

I used to live in Beverly Hills and have developed relationships with several sales associates at the major stores on Rodeo Drive. I have since moved to the beach and now it takes me an hour to drive to shopping heaven. But this helps my credit card bills at the end of the month and also makes my trips to Rodeo more special.

Yesterday, I wanted to do the whole Rodeo thing: window shopping, maybe score some major purchases, lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, and catching up with all of my favorite sales people.

First stop, Hermes. I dragged a male shopping companion with me, who was looking for sunglasses. In Hermes he got sidetracked by a hat that looked really good with his face. But he decided not to buy something in the first store. He would come back if he didn’t find sunglasses that suited him. I looked at a few scarves but didn’t want to commit so early in the day.

Ferragamo scarf

Our next stop was Salvatore Ferragamo, one of my favorite stores on the planet. I was disappointed that the usual security guard wasn’t on duty. He is the nicest guy but he must have had the day off. My friend immediately wandered back to the men’s shoe department. I took a tour in ladies’ handbags. My real purpose for going to Ferragamo’s was to look at scarves. I love scarves. In the summer, especially in southern California, it can get too hot for scarves so I wanted something I could use to keep my hair off my face. I found this lovely blue floral silk scarf with accordion pleats.

Ferragamo KeychainWe then made our way to the sunglass display. No one makes sunglasses like the Italians. I think we tried on the whole collection. I was on the verge of splurging on the most perfect pair of black-framed glasses with Swarovski crystals lining the sides. But I stopped myself. First of all, they were a limited edition pair that cost over $500. But I also need prescription lenses. And it would be silly to buy glasses that I couldn’t wear while driving. But all was not lost. My friend found his perfect pair of shades for $270. I also picked up this cute keychain with charms of a shoe, a bag, and the Ferragamo symbol.

Chanel Eye ShadowAfter saying our good-byes to the very helpful staff at Ferragamo, we moseyed on to Chanel. The Chanel flagship store has been under construction for some time, so we had to make do with their temporary location at the bottom of the street. Chanel clothes and shoes are out of my budget but I can afford the makeup. I needed to re-up my favorite eye shadow, Horizon. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. So my favorite makeup artist at Chanel introduced me to similar shades in their new spring collection. I bought Island, a pretty pinkish beige with a little shimmer. I asked him to help me choose a blush too.

Chanel BlushHe started with Nude. He said that Jennifer Aniston was just in and bought three of them. Someone had used it on her during a photo shoot and she had to have it. It didn’t really suit my coloring. So we settled on Orchid Rose, a peachy-pink beige with a subtle shimmer. I’m a shimmer girl in case you haven’t noticed. He didn’t want me to leave the store with my face half done. So he applied their newest Glossimer in Sundress. So of course, I had to have that too. He also threw in a bunch of perfume samples and some for my very patient male friend.

The best part about Chanel is that there is no pressure to buy. They know that most of the people who come through the Rodeo store are there for the experience more than anything and the possibility of seeing a celebrity or two.

Diane KrugerWhile I was there, Diane Kruger was trying on Chanel jackets. She was trying to decide between two beige ones, a rather plain one and one with some sparkle woven throughout. I could tell she preferred the sparkly one, so did I, but her male companion was trying to talk her into the other one. I left before she was finished so I don’t know which one she ended up buying. She is very pretty in person, was wearing little or no makeup, and had on cutoffs, a tee shirt and beigey-brown cowboy boots.

Tiffany VaseOn to Tiffany. We didn’t really need anything here but I can’t help but stop in every time I’m on Rodeo. It was packed with the usual tourists, but also crowded with Mother’s Day shoppers. I wanted something new for my new house that didn’t come with me from my old apartment. My favorite sales associate was showing me a cute little summer tea set that I absolutely adored. But I ended up buying a Frank Gehry vase that was only $150.

With my pocket book exhausted, we went to lunch at Trilussa, one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. The wait staff was happy to see us. I used to be a regular, at least twice a week, and they hadn’t seen me since I moved. I ordered a Prosecco and some Bruschetta to start. My friend ordered a glass of Chianti Classico. It was 4:00 so we decided to make it an early dinner instead of lunch. I ordered my favorite simple pasta: linguine with pomodori and basilica. My friend ordered Chicken Milanese with a side of pasta. Trilussa has the best tomato sauce in the world. I don’t know what they do to it, but it’s addictive. We finished up with a couple of cookies and thus ended our shopping day.


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