We Used To Be Friends – Veronica Mars Cancelled

Veronica Mars

My favorite show, the only show I watch since Gilmore Girls went sucko, has been cancelled. I no longer have any reason to watch TV.

I loved everything about Veronica Mars: her relationship with her Dad, her love/hate bond with Logan, her brains and her fearlessness. Veronica was never afraid to stand up for herself or others. The writing was smart, the dialog was witty, the characters were whole, the show had everything, except enough viewers.

While exploring CW’s Veronica Mars Web site, I discovered an interesting feature. If you like Veronica Mars‘s style, you can buy the same clothes the characters wore in the show.

Want to know what jeans Veronica wore in Episode 6? Click here to find out. You can buy them online. But you better hurry, she won’t be on the air for long. The two-hour series finale airs Tuesday.


Kristen Bell is Veronica Mars


3 responses to “We Used To Be Friends – Veronica Mars Cancelled

  1. i love veronica mars

  2. I can’t beleive this show was canceled.

  3. Where is Miss Mars? Did the the girl from Gilmore girls graduate? Question?