10 Ways To Celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary On May 25

Star Wars victory celebration

  1. Watch the original Star Wars (without the added effects) as many times as you saw it in the theatre in 1977. Follow it by watching Smokey and the Bandit, the second highest grossing film of 1977.
  2. Recreate scenes from the movie with the collectible merchandise.
  3. Bake from the Wookiee Cookie cookbook.
  4. Fix hair in side buns or wear really big headphones.
  5. Affect an Alec Guinness accent for the day.
  6. Speak only in quotes from the movie all day, even at work.
  7. Breathe very heavy and loud for at least ten minutes, preferable while on the phone.
  8. Practice the Jedi mind trick on at least 3 people.
  9. Drink something blue and frothy.
  10. Drag your vacuum cleaner around with you and pretend it’s a droid.

C-3P0, Goldenrod

2 responses to “10 Ways To Celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary On May 25

  1. Hey! Since you’re looking for ways to celebrate Star Wars… I thought you might want to know that in light of the 30 year anniversary of Star Wars, The History Channel is running a special called “Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed” which premiers May 20 at 9:00 pm ET. It’s this really cool look at the political, historical and mythological influences on Star Wars. To promote this special, The History Channel is also running this contest offering the chance to win a trip to Star Wars Celebration Europe. I think that this is pretty awesome since we all know how expensive these trips can be. You can enter at http://www.history.com/starwars/sweepstakes.

  2. I am going to watch all three of the original movies back to back…with snacks and this time, unlike in 1977…I am going to drink beer too!