What Can I Wear With These Shoes?

Nine West shoesI bought these Nine West shoes a while back but I can never find anything to wear with them.

After years of living in New York City, most of my wardrobe is still based around the color black. These shoes have a brown heel and strap. I love the funky Pucci-like pattern on the upper, but I can’t figure out how to match them up. I tried jeans, but then the shoes just get covered up.

Any ideas?


7 responses to “What Can I Wear With These Shoes?

  1. try a jeans skirt, then pick out a blue from the shoes to match up your top.

  2. a beautiful naked leg in a short shirt would look just fine.

  3. Culottes

  4. Pink summer dress with a large turquoise necklace.

  5. Amazing shoes… I love them..
    Go to whatsbuzzing.com and check out the anthropologie ‘s promotions.
    1) The dress ( not black) I think which will really look good with your shoes is called “soft focus dress”. let me know what you think?
    2) Wear it with a loose cotton kurta in Turquoise and beige shorts.
    3) go to whatsbuzzing.com and check the deal at ArdenB . under tops you will see a deal “One Shoulder Embellished Sequin Top – $88.00 ” in turquoise. Team up with a 3/4 white pants or black. or shorts or a plain white skirt .

    Have Fun

  6. I would wear with a white or purple dress. You have been tagged by your friends @ Pumps and Gloss. 😉 ~Mix Maven~

  7. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I appreciate it.