Working Out My Core With Pilates

Maureen O’Sullivan Publicity Photo

I’ve been interested in Pilates for a while now. I have two books on the subject but never seem to be able to follow the instructions. The movements seem so small and alien. I always wonder if I am doing them correctly.

When I was younger, I studied ballet for years. I still take a class now and then. So, I am determined to try Pilates, a favorite workout method of many dancers.

The promise of long, lean muscles finally won me over. I’ve invested in a Pilates bench. It’s made by Aero Pilates and comes with two instructional DVDs. The total cost including tax and shipping was about $450.

I’m still learning to use the machine and get comfortable with the movements. I’ll let you know how I progress.

If you are a fan of Pilates, please share your experiences with us.

Photo: Actress Maureen O’Sullivan in an early publicity still.


3 responses to “Working Out My Core With Pilates

  1. wow… I love pilates, but I have to be honest… I only don’t do, becaose I live in a town and here doesn’t have pilates classes…

    I’ve already thought in buying some stuffs and I do it by myself but I have a little fear.

    ps: Beautiful photo.

  2. I’ve been doing Pilates for over 20 years and teaching it for 18, so I don’t need converting! But I must ask, why the AeroPilates machine? First, Pilates is not meant to be cardio (it’s anaerobic exercise), and Joe Pilates did not have a trampoline to jump on attached to the reformer. Second, there are much better quality home Pilates machines on the market at Balanced Body. Finally, the movements are easier to get if you do a session or two with a certified instructor.

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  3. The Aero Pilates machine comes with a trampoline attachment, but you don’t use it for the normal Pilates workout. I saw it demonstrated on TV and I liked the instructor. So far I like the machine.