What Shampoo Do You Use?

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I’ve been searching for a new shampoo and I can’t find one that I really love.

I don’t want anything too expensive because I have a lot of hair and it takes a lot of shampoo to clean my head. I also have color-treated hair so I need something gentle and color friendly.

I was using Samy for a while. It worked well but I got tired of the gel-like texture. Then I tried Aussie. I was a big fan of Aussie when I was a teenager. But I’ve outgrown the scent. It’s very fruity, almost like candy.

Now, I’m using Infusium 23 Moisturologie. I like the scent. It smells like shampoo. Clean and light.

But I like to switch up my shampoos and conditioners. So I need some backups.

I’m planning to do a shampoo comparison test. So if there are any shampoos you’d like me to try, let me know. I’ll make a list and test them against each other. Just post your suggestions in the comments section.



6 responses to “What Shampoo Do You Use?

  1. Kiehls. They have a light shampoo for thinner hair like mine. It rinses out easy.

  2. Kiehl’s rocks. They have “men’s” shampoos that I like.

  3. OK, you want a good shampoo? Can you handle the truth? Can you really appreciate a good shampoo? I ignore the part about the price you mentioned, since I believe NOTHING in this world is cheap for a reason, and I mean NOTHING!
    So I let you in my secret of this great shampoo, and I have not told even my very close friends!!! It’s called proanagen. The good news is that they have $2 shampoo sample for people to try before buying. Unlike other shampoo sold like $2 for 5 gallon of shampoo, their stuff is expensive. It’s worth it. Now you know the truth.

  4. Paul Mitchell– not sure I’m spelling that right. But I see it all the time at the drugstore, wondering if it’s worth the price.

  5. My hairdresser is always trying to get me to buy Nexxus products at her salon. You could try that. I’d like to know if it’s worth it. Nice blog, by the way.

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