Nicole Kidman Turns 40 – What Is Her Secret?

Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman turned 40 years old this month and looks fantastic. How does she keep her skin so perfect?

I’ve read varying reports about her skin care routine. And I’m sure she gets regular facials. But most importantly, she stays out of the sun. Nothing will age, wrinkle and discolor your skin faster than sunlight.

So remember to wear sunscreen every day. If you are going to be out for a long time, wear a hat.

That is how Nicole Kidman looks like a china doll at age 40.


7 responses to “Nicole Kidman Turns 40 – What Is Her Secret?

  1. nitinrohidas


  2. yeahh she looks great.. but I don’t think it is necessary you wear a hat…a cap maybe….
    i think is good if you use a filter solar…


  3. Well, she goes for regular botox injections, and facials with whitening. She has also has some laser work done on freckles and veins. There’s no wonder how she does it, easily, in fact when you have that much money to spend on your skin, it SHOULD look that good.
    I used to work in one of the salons she frequented in LA.-

  4. Her face is her fortune, so why not spend the money. Her job is to look good and it’s working.

  5. nitinrohidas

    We have some indian actress who were very young at my dad’s still they have the same charm and skin…
    to name a few..

    1)simi garewal

    Point to make is that “the film faternity makes a living bcos of their looks,beauty and it becomes their job to look good..which is why they do such things which a common housewife won’t bother or get time to do or afford…

  6. oh oh and let’s not forget PhotoShop!!

  7. uhm the redemptive power of PhotoShop ~Mix Maven~