Daily Archives: July 7, 2007

Shopping Target for Really Cheap Tees

I like to have lots of tee shirts in many colors for summer. But I don’t like to spend oodles of money on them because they only really last one season before they lose shape or I tire of the color.

Here are some finds from Target that range from $5.59 – $16.99. If you choose the designer names, your get better quality and the color selection is more interesting. And you can’t beat these prices.

Mossimo Tee in Teal Refuge
Mossimo in Teal Refuge, $5.59

Mizrahi Tee in Pink Denim
Isaac Mizrahi in Pink Denim, $16.99

Mossimo Tee in Roman Seaport
Mossimo in Roman Seaport, $7.99

Mossimo Tee in Creeping Vine
Mossimo in Creeping Vine, $7.99

And I couldn’t resist this one:
Peanuts Tee
Faded Peanuts Vintage Tee, $9.99

I also skimmed their beauty department and came up with this punk eye color:
Rimmel Eye Color in Raw
Rimmel Eye Shadow Trio in Raw, $6.89

Where do you like to buy your cheapies?