Tea Time – July 2007

Oolong Tea

You know the delicious tea you are served when dining in a Chinese restaurant. It’s usually Oolong tea.

It’s very nice after a meal. You can also combine it with other teas to make interesting blends. I like to mix it with black tea at night to create a milder tea before bed.

Enjoy a nice hot cup of Trader Joes’ Jade Oolong Tea. It doesn’t need any milk or lemon. It’s perfect as is.



3 responses to “Tea Time – July 2007

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  2. Very true, most Chinese restaurants choose Oolong aka Wulong due to the low tannic levels in the tea; this delivers a smoother cup with no bitterness. Most Oolongs can be re-infused several times. Visit our website for more info on Oolongs – Wulongs http://www.tealaden.com
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  3. I have a bunch of tea posts on my blog…swing by when you can! I am really enjoying your place here!