What is Happening to Print Media?


The magazines are disappearing. Jane and Cocktail may not have been around for very long. But it goes to show that people, not just women, are turning to other forms of media for their news and entertainment.

Vogue and W now have style.com to back them up. Oprah has Oprah.com. You can get the New York Times online. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News can be found at Philly.com.

Print media is becoming more informal and so, for better or for worse, have journalistic standards.

How many newspaper and print magazines do you read today compared to Web sites and blogs?

It’s a new world. Let’s hope we enter it gracefully.

Read more in this article in Advertising Age.

One response to “What is Happening to Print Media?

  1. Obama is Hitler

    Why would I want to read print?
    It’s all nothing but fascist propaganda now, for the Socialist Central Committee (formerly known as the Democratic National Committee).

    They think they can do this and people will just forget and buy their garbage again when it’s all over, but they’re wrong. Our local paper will NEVER be seen in my house again. Nationals, forget it. Newseeek, Time, etc. were canceled long ago and will stay that way forever. And I’m by no means alone.

    So from now on, they’re all just preaching to the choir. They are as irrelevant as Pravda.