How To Get Super Shiny Hair

Catherine Zeta-JonesAccording to Hello! Magazine, Catherine Zeta-Jones keeps her raven hair glossy by getting caviar treatments at Hari’s salon in London’s Knightsbridge section.

The treatment, which costs 200 pounds, is full of protein which is said to make the color richer and the hair so shiny it gleams.

Hello! suggests a less expensive alternative would be to use Redken’s protein-rich Extreme range.

3 responses to “How To Get Super Shiny Hair

  1. Caviar hair treatment. That’s insane…Thanks for the ebcouragment. I’ll try to update more often….well without sounding like a broken record. I’l also look into transcribing some of the folk tales

  2. thanks for that info, 200pounds… I truly believe external hair treatment are not enough, nutrition plays an important role in having a terrific, shiny hair.

  3. try Shu Uemura Silk Oil