What’s Your Daemon?

In the book The Golden Compass, the characters have daemons, which are like an extension of their souls that live outside their bodies and travel with them always.

To find out about your daemon (and yourself in the process), go to The Golden Compass movie Web site and click on “Meet Your Daemon” and take the 20-question quiz.

Here is my daemon:

The Golden Compass Daemon

I also highly recommend the book. It’s a fantasy series for kids, well more like young adults, and it is fascinating. I love that the lead character is a girl. If you like Harry Potter, you’ll like The Golden Compass.


42 responses to “What’s Your Daemon?

  1. My daemon is a tiger, too…a female tiger…Calista

  2. My daemon is a male tiger named Zyrxy.

  3. Hmm. I wonder if they are all tigers. Everyone I know has a tiger.

  4. Wow… I has a same daemon as what Jim have. My daemon is a tiger and her name is Calista!!!
    She’s proud, shy, modest, leader…
    How’s yours?

  5. Well, my daemon is NOT a tiger, it’s a crow named Pyrrheus! He’s beautiful!! 🙂

  6. Mines a mouse, named Aesop! He’s humble, brave, inquisitve, and strong of heart!

  7. My daemon is a male tiger too, named Boreallus.
    Does anyone know the name of the Socrate’s daemon ?

  8. MY daemon is an awsome. His name Earmon and he is a rabbit and tiger. He is so cutie. Cutier than your daemons.

  9. Heyy my Daemon is a clouded leopard, named Taero hehe.. 😛 Cuter than any of yours! it owns ass lol

  10. ha ha mines a tiger named calista, she’s solitary ,competitive, resposable, modest, and assertive…

  11. My Deamon i the greatest. His name is Leonidas, and he is a lion.. graaaw ^^^hihi

  12. My daemon is Pemis the Lion!
    Hear him roar!

  13. mine is an ameoba named Bob!

  14. Mine deamon is a Jackal named Nithreus he is Modest, Responsible, Out going, And Inquisitive. He fits me will 😉

  15. (NOS) mickjoeBigPoppa *gen*

    i might not have a daemon i listen to rap, im jokeing my daemon is a weasel he is good at SAS, im not jokeing about me listing to rap.

  16. Lyra Belacqua

    My dæmon is better than any of yours. Mine is real.

  17. Well, I think I top you all on the gross factor. My dæmon is a spider. Ew. It says he represents modesty, shyness, flexibility, responsiblity and so on. Whatever, I hate spiders.


  19. My dæmon is a Lynx but his name is what got me, unlike some names I can’t read (I have a small vocab…) his name is Eamon (Ay Men)

  20. my Deamon is a Monkey a Golden Monkey his name is Morale it’s funny to see howe many have tigers as demon

  21. go to http://www.daemonpage.com/ that quiz doesn’t show you your real dæmon, but this site does! =D

  22. My daemon is a snake. Her name is Nyasa. She is fearless, nice, and is cool.
    Check out my site and sign my comment board. My site will have updates all the time! 🙂

  23. mines Rhianna , a female Gibbon 😮

  24. Golden Compass Fan

    Ha ha,my daemons a clouded leopard named Nithreus,SO COOL!

  25. moi mon daemon change tout le temps de forme !

  26. My Daemon is a Whippet named Philotheas. Sooo cute! Il

  27. my daemon is called Aveon, and he can turn into anything but his main form is a fox. he is so totally AWESOME!!!!

  28. meu daemon é um guachinim mas ele aida é bebê e pode assumir todas as formas

  29. hey the link at the top had nothing to do with “meet your daemon” i could’n’t find it and i went through the whole site!


  31. The movie was out 2 years ago. They probably took the quiz down. Try this one on hello quizzy:

  32. My Daemon is Apollo and he can turn into a Fox,a snowy owl and a Black Panther.It is supposed to represent that I am Shy, Protective and adventurous. And you can Try this quiz to find your Daemon: http://www.quizilla.com/quizzes/8724676/what-your-daemon-and-whats-hisher-name

  33. I re-took the quiz and My Daemon is Ares and he can change into a Cat,a white bunny and a wolf. It is supposed to show that I am Mysterious, Unique and Kind type of person.

  34. I took the test on http://www.goldencompassmovie.com and my Daemon is Archeleron . It is supposed to show that I am:spontaneous,solitary,modest,inquisitive and humble. Since his name is Archeleron I will call him Archie.

  35. P.S my Daemon,Archeleron,is a fox

  36. My Daemon is Nicoleus the Ermine. I am:Modest,solitary,spontaneous,inquisitive and relaxed.

  37. http://www.daemonpage.com tells you how to get your real demon. Mines a coyote but we havent found a name for him yet 😀

  38. mine is a siberian tiger named Aarius… Haha!!! Mine is cuter than all of yours, and fierce too… just like me!!!!!!!! He’s male of course.. since I’m female.

  39. Oh… and I call him Aari

  40. Hey! Mine is a cheetah and its name is Lucifer ^^ I am the best xD