Backyard Picnic With Summer Wine

Rose Sparkling Wine

This weekend I finally finished the Harry Potter book and could emerge from my house without fear of someone telling me the ending.

I celebrated my freedom with a mini backyard picnic. On the menu was a light cheese encased in apricots, a selection of cream crackers and a chilled, sparkling rose wine.

Bugey Cerdon is a light, refreshing cooler for a hot summer afternoon and so pretty in the glass.

Try some. It was only $15.99 for the bottle.

And Cheers to J.K. Rowling for a great series of books.

Mugey Cerdon

Apricot Enrobed Cheese

9 responses to “Backyard Picnic With Summer Wine

  1. Lord Voldemort is the biggest loser since Obi Wan Kenobi

  2. The Bugey Cerdon is divine. Great find!

  3. artfuldodger

    Yay I finished Harry Potter too, I loved it! though I cried at the ending. How did you like it?

  4. I found the middle a little boring when they kept hopping around from place to place. But the last third was great. I didn’t get the crying baby part. What was that about?

  5. artfuldodger

    Yes the middle was boring, they just kept wandering around aimlessly and arguing! I think the crying baby was all that was left of Voldemort after all of the Horcruxes containing pieces of his soul were destroyed, he was just a helpless, defenseless baby. The part about Snape being so in love with Lily was so sad.

  6. Can you tell me more about the cheese encased in apricots? Thank you!!

  7. I bought it at The Wine House in Los Angeles. I’m sorry I don’t remember the brand name. I ripped open the packaging and ate it. It was delicious. If I go to The Wine House soon, I’ll look for it again and report back. It was a white creamy cheese, very light in texture and flavor and was wrapped in fresh apricots.

  8. Thank you, I shall Google…

  9. I found the apricot enrobed cheese again. It is called Le Chevrefeuille, Fromage de Chevre. It was $7.49 at the Wine House in Los Angeles. I uploaded a picture to this post.