How To Wear Gray

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Gray is a wonderful transitional color between summer and winter.

Clothes in all shades of gray, from charcoal to dove to silver, can make up a sophisticated palate for fall.

Fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah of Britain’s What Not To Wear tell how to make gray a modern and refined choice for your wardrobe by finding the right shade of gray for your coloring and using tonal colors to break up the solidness of gray and bright accents to enhance the hue.

See their color chart:

Gray color chart from Trinny and Susannah

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7 responses to “How To Wear Gray

  1. hey.
    you have a great post.
    I loved it…
    Sometimes gray is so fuck complicated to wear……


  2. yeah, my fav color is gray, you can do a lot with it, also in webdesign 😉

  3. oh my, Joyful Radiance and I went to the Borders outlet store and I picked up this book… Yay totally connected. @Jeffmaia, I am not sure why you think grey is complicated to wear, but remember the color is a neutral and continue to read Grace Magazine!!! ~Mix Maven~

  4. I stumbled onto your site and later, saw GRAY everywhere! I was sitting in the AutoBody shop flipping through a fash mag and saw a fabulous gray dress – Oscar at Macy’s and came home and googled for it. But alas, they don’t have my size. But wanted to come back and say hello. Great blog, keep it up! 🙂

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments. Welcome to Grace Magazine.

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