Video Makeup Tutorials

Video Jug Makeup Tutorials

My new favorite Web site is Video Jug. They have how-to videos on every subject. My favorites are the makeup tutorials.

Here are links to some of the ones I like best:

Smokey Eye Tutorial
Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for how to achieve the smokey eye look.

Burlesque Makeup
A fun glittery look for evenings when you want a little Las Vegas glamour.

The Five Minute Face
Quick instructions on how to apply makeup when you only have a few minutes.

Eye Shadow Tutorial
Basic instruction on the best way to apply eye shadow for various types of eye shapes.

If video slows down your computer, they also have written instructions available.

Dig around on the Video Jug Web site and let us know which are your favorite videos.

One response to “Video Makeup Tutorials

  1. I usually check out the Pilates tutorials on Video Jug I did not even know they had make up tutorials I will have to check those out.