Get Supermodel Hair


Toni & Guy Haircare has teamed with Helena Christensen, Jamelia and Erin O’Connor to bring you a new hair care line called Model.Me.

Each of the three models worked directly with the company to develop their distinct lines.

Helena Christensen is one of the most famous supermodel of recent years. She has also been busy working as a photographer and has her own clothing line. Her hair products include Super Hydrating Shampoo, Super Hydrating Conditioner, Vitamin Protection Spray, Radiant Styling Spray, and Movement Balm.

Jamelia is a singer/songwriter who also has worked as a model. Her line includes Enriching Shampoo, Enriching Conditioner, High Gloss Blow Dry Liquid, Affinity Serum to combat frizz, and High Maintenance Pomade.

Erin O’Conner is a model and Vice Chairman of the British Fashion Council. She also lectures on topics concerning the modeling business. Her line features Illuminating Shampoo, Illuminating Conditioner, Quick Fix Dry Shampoo, Creative Styling Glue, and Matt Styling Paste.

All three women were involved with product development, selecting key ingredients, choosing the fragrances and designing the packaging.

Check out the Model.Me Web site for more information.


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