The Bra Turns 100

The Bra Turns 100

This month marks the centennial of the brassiere.

What would we ladies do without it? With apologies to all feminists, I’m for women’s rights, but I would never burn my bra. I’m a 36D and I need one.

I especially love black lace bras. Oh, and pink satin ones. Oh yes, and white frilly ones. And ones in wild prints and bold colors. I heart bras.

Here are some stunning examples. Mouse over to see the manufacturers.

La PerlaLa PerlaLa Perla
Fifi ChachnilFifi ChachnilFifi Chachnil
Agent ProvocateurAgent ProvocateurAgent Provocateur

From the International Herald Tribune:

The first bra has been attributed to Hermione Cadolle, who opened a shop in Paris, in 1889 selling two-piece underwear, the upper part of which was the soutiens gorge.

This year marks the centennial of the first use of the term brassiere, or breast plate, which appeared in 1907 in Vogue. And in 1910 the New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob constructed the first bra as we would recognize it today. Paul Poiret, France’s foremost couturier at the time, was a champion of the undergarment and the first to realize the potential of fashion without the restraints of the corset.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bra by buying yourself a really expensive one.


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