Dramatic Lashes For Halloween

Make Up For Ever Lashes

Make Up For Ever has an extensive line of eye lashes ranging from exotically colorful to naturally beauty-enhancing looks.

Check out the Make Up For Ever Lash Bar at Sephora.com.

Here’s a wild, bird-inspired look for a crazy Halloween costume.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Imagine your smoky-eye look with these little feathers in the corners. Bellissima.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Here’s a natural, eye-opening look with a slight hint of color. It makes the models eyes look like Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Going for a showgirl look? Add lightweight gemstones to your eyes.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Or you can buy individual lashes to apply in the corners for that extra little flutter.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Purple is my favorite color. Imagine how these violet-hued lashes will make blue eyes pop.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Experiment and have fun. Happy Halloween.

9 responses to “Dramatic Lashes For Halloween

  1. Oh the sparkle lashes are especially fun.

  2. it’s Awesome man…!!

  3. how do i get a hold of these?? they loOk great

  4. nah way OTT looks kinda.. . . . . . not right

  5. Perfect!!!!i love the lashes

  6. colorful :-)<3
    very sexy, wonderful .

  7. omg i love ur ideas! they will do so good for me on waccky wednesday at my school1 thanks so much. lol bye bye

  8. wow! that’s pretty!

  9. Amazing !!!