I Want Purple Hair

Milla Jovovich as Ultraviolet

I’ve always wanted purple hair. I was just reading a post about the many hair looks of Betty the Geek and it reminded me that I still want purple hair.

One time I had it accidentally. I colored my hair at the last minute for a Christmas party with a temporary Clairol kit that was supposed to rinse out in 6 shampoos. It looked great for the party, but after one shampoo I thought I noticed a purple glow. Not the punk purple I had always dreamed of.

I remember facing a mirror with a friend and she quietly asked, “Is your hair purple?” My response, “IT IS, ISN’T IT? OH MY GOD.” I immediately called Clairol and pleaded for help. The colorist told me to buy color remover and Clairol refunded my money for the color, the remover, anything I needed to correct it. But it didn’t work. I ended up just coloring over it with dark brown permanent color.

Now, I’m afraid I’m too old to have purple hair. Perhaps a few stripes in the front?


2 responses to “I Want Purple Hair

  1. Hair is an accessory. If you have healthy hair, I say go for it. I am a big fan of being creative with your hair! (plus, it’s a color, not a bleach, so you can re-color it after the novelty wears off!)

  2. I had blue hair on accident once!
    thanks for the link 🙂