Katie Holmes New Haircut

Picture of Katie Holmes new haircut

Katie Holmes does it again with another cute new haircut.

This time she wows with an even more extreme bob, sort of a longish Louise Brooks look.

Here are some stunning photos of her new do. Oh yeah, and that guy she’s married to is in the pictures, too.

Wow, she looks tall.

Photo of Katie Holmes new hair cut

Photo of Katie Holmes new haircut

Picture of Katie Holmes new haircut

Click here to see the original version of Katie Holmes’ haircut.


22 responses to “Katie Holmes New Haircut

  1. What about that cute little sequined capelet she’s wearing?!* Love it. And her haircut’s darn cute, too.

  2. She looks like Suri now. LOL

  3. I think it’s not that she is any taller than average, I believe that is he shorter…lol She does look like a cutie pie, though…

  4. She looks like a Bond girl in the first photo – very sly. 😉

  5. I like that so much better now. her old one seemed very….soccar momish.

  6. I really like the shrug/stole she is wearing…that is it! ~Mix Maven~

  7. I love her like no other, She’s Stunning

  8. i would love to see the back of her hair can you please email it to me thanks

  9. I too am trying to find a pic of the back of katie holmes new cut., do you know where I can find it?

  10. i like her hair.. i want my hair to be cut that way but i have a wavy hair.. i think it will not look good on me, and i also have a round face.. it will give more emphasis on its roundness!! heheeh! what do you think? what should i do?

  11. Well, you could always buy a hair straightener to get rid of the waves. If you have a round face, ask if your stylist can suit the cut to you. Perhaps, you should go shorter with the front ends stopping at your cheekbones.

  12. I love this hair cut. I have it, and enjoy it. Easy to take care of, and classey. I wish there were classes out there teaching our hair stylist how to do this cut. This cut is in!! I believe it is the cut from the 1920-1939. I’m glad to see our style is going back to the classey look. I’m tired of the draby look. BRING BACK THE CLASS. THank you katie!

  13. The classy hair style Katie Holmes brings the sexiness in her hot body

  14. I don’t like her hair cut at all. I think it looks like a wig – fake. I also think her make-up is too heavy. She looks very stiff & older than her age.

  15. I already had the stack in the back with the length in the front. I have now chopped th bangs and LOVE IT! It looks just like Katies, infact today i went to pick my daughter up from school and her teacher said, You look like Katie Holmes!! YES!

  16. i luv her hair. im thinking about cutting my hair like that

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  21. it does look like a wig so much money, so lacking in intelligent

  22. tom just as cute as ever outshines katie.