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Buying and Making Future Christmas Heirlooms

Holly and Ivy

As soon as Thanksgiving came to a close I started putting up Christmas decorations.

I decided to make a few crafty things but I also bought some interesting Christmas characters.

The glittery ladies you see above are from The Penny McAllister Collection 2005. I just love their faces. Here they are in detail.

Ivy closeup

Holly closeup

I’ve dubbed them Holly and Ivy.

I also picked up this little drummer boy. He’s signed Lori C. Mitchell. I’ve named him Chuck. Isn’t he darling?

Chuck the Drummer Boy

I love little birds, so I bought this candle holder with three little birdies. It’s not signed. All of these items were purchased at The Corner Cottage in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Birds candle holder

For the crafty part of my decor, I bought this wreath at Michael’s craft store for $2.99 and decorated it with balls and packages designed for a mini tree. Most of them had wires attached so I didn’t need to use a glue gun. I put this whole thing together in about 10 minutes.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath detail

Are you making any decorations for the holidays?

Holly and Ivy


Agatha Holiday Jewelry Collection 2007

Agatha 2007 Holiday Collection

On vacation in Paris years ago, I discovered Agatha jewelry while waiting in line at the Louvre. There is a mall underneath all of that art. The inexpensive glamorous jewelry caught my eye. I brought gifts back for everybody.

At the time, I was living in New York and was very excited when an Agatha boutique opened in Rockefeller Plaza.

After moving to Los Angeles, I found an Agatha shop in Beverly Hills that has since closed its doors. But we can still get Agatha goodies online.

Agatha 2007 Holiday Collection

Here is the Agatha holiday collection for 2007.

Whether you are shopping for holiday gifts or looking to adorn yourself for holiday parties, Agatha may be your one-stop shop.

Agatha 2007 Holiday Collection

Ladies, Start Your Engines…

…holiday shopping season is in full swing.

Holiday Shopping

Did you get any bargains today?

Happy Thanksgiving

Charlie Chaplin always makes me laugh.

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Music?

It’s time to start listening to our holiday favorites. Here are some of the best:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Vince Guaraldi Trio

Simply the best Christmas music ever. It brings back fond memories of childhood and has a cool jazzy vibe.

A Partridge Family Christmas Card

A Partridge Family Christmas Card

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Who wants to listen to this goober Christmas music? But give this one a chance. This is a really good albumn. The slow, sad Frosty the Snowman is killer. And after all these years, I still have a crush on Keith Patridge.

Christmas With the Rat Pack

Christmas With the Rat Pack

Mix the martinis and chill with the coolest Christmas cats ever. Dig it, babe.

Simply the Best Christmas Album

Simply the Best Christmas Album

I haven’t bought this one yet. This will be my new music this year. I like to listen to classical Christmas music while I wrap my gifts. Try some of the samples. This one sounds really nice.

What is your favorite Christmas music?

I Want Purple Hair

Milla Jovovich as Ultraviolet

I’ve always wanted purple hair. I was just reading a post about the many hair looks of Betty the Geek and it reminded me that I still want purple hair.

One time I had it accidentally. I colored my hair at the last minute for a Christmas party with a temporary Clairol kit that was supposed to rinse out in 6 shampoos. It looked great for the party, but after one shampoo I thought I noticed a purple glow. Not the punk purple I had always dreamed of.

I remember facing a mirror with a friend and she quietly asked, “Is your hair purple?” My response, “IT IS, ISN’T IT? OH MY GOD.” I immediately called Clairol and pleaded for help. The colorist told me to buy color remover and Clairol refunded my money for the color, the remover, anything I needed to correct it. But it didn’t work. I ended up just coloring over it with dark brown permanent color.

Now, I’m afraid I’m too old to have purple hair. Perhaps a few stripes in the front?

Top 10 Things I Need For Fall

Wolford Tights

As a Virgo, I like to make lists. Here is my list of 10 things I need for fall.

  1. black turtleneck sweater – preferably with dolman sleeves (I love Dolman sleeves!)
  2. new black ankle boots – I can never have enough. I have a pretty pair with a stiletto heel. But I need a pair with a thicker, more casual heel.
  3. black pashmina – to keep me warm at my office. (hmm, black is becoming a theme) I’m tired of wearing jackets. Shawls make me feel more feminine, like I’m in a Jane Austen novel. I guess Elizabeth Bennett wouldn’t wear black unless she was in mourning though. Maybe, I’ll get a second one in a bright fuchsia.
  4. new lipsticks – I’m tired of glosses with little or no color. I want strong lips this fall, probably from Chanel, because Chanel is my life.
  5. high-waisted jeans – I’m so glad to see the high waist come back. I’m tired of the low-waisted androgynous look. It only looks good on models and teenagers.
  6. something shiny – perhaps a satin blouse or bias-cut satin skirt.
  7. wide patent leather belt with a big buckle – this will look great around my black turtleneck dolman sleeve sweater.
  8. houndstooth skirt – I love black-and-white houndstooth. This will look so cute with black tights, my black turtleneck dolman sleeve sweater and black booties.
  9. a new haircut – My hair is really long right now. And while I enjoy having it halfway down my back and the male attention it attracts, I’m tired of fixing it. I’m thinking of the Katie Holmes cut, a not-too-short bob. Always the debate: Do I want pretty hair accessories, or should I just cut it off?
  10. Wolford tights – a modern, sexy way to dress up your leg for fall and add texture to your wardrobe.

What do you want for fall?

Wolford Sweater

Images courtesy of Wolford.