Queen Latifah Wants To Know What You Would Do As President

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is partnering with Lifetime Television to talk to women voters across the U.S.

Every Woman Counts is the only public service campaign dedicated to encouraging women to speak out on the issues they care about most, vote and run for office.

Kicking off in January and airing on Lifetime until Election Day on November 4, Queen Latifah is recording the spots during her “The Trav’lin’ Light Concert Tour” and asking women to complete the sentence, “If I Were President, I would ….” Designed to draw attention to issues of significance to women, that are often lost in the frenzy of campaign coverage, the spots will also air as broadband vignettes on myLifetime.com.

Along with the interviews conducted by Queen Latifah, Lifetime will interview celebrities, political candidates, thought leaders, viewers and visitors at myLifetime.com with the goal of collecting one million responses on-camera, online and on postcards at grassroots events throughout the year. The answers will be shared with the presidential candidates, nonprofit organizations, and the media, and ultimately will be delivered to the newly elected leaders in the White House and the Capitol in January 2009.

So, what do you say? Enter your response in the comments section.

If I Were President, I would ….

7 responses to “Queen Latifah Wants To Know What You Would Do As President

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  2. If I were President I would go back to the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt and repeat everything he did to help Americans in a time of need.

  3. I would make sure that we try to solve the health insurance problem. I would also try to figure out what we can do about gas prices.

  4. If i was a president I stand up what i Believe in and fight for my Rights because i love myself not to be ashamed or scared to share my feelings with a friend in there hearts, but i dont care about my weight because other people who wants to make fun of other people but who cares what other people think about me or talking about behind my back it is not right to be with a friend that dont care about but i do you have to respect your feelings with someone hearts will love you and be there for you who wants to know how i react my partnership and friendship with someone you know who hay think you are and treat people respect there feelings but i like who i am or to tell me how i look we are not perfect it is my health needs love and respect and love yourself if i was president I tell them off and be your own person and love yourself and be yourself with respect.

  5. my friend look like her 90%. univ-ersity high school newark nj

  6. shes so beatiful no homo i love her

  7. Thank you for what you told us.