The Soft Sell

Soft Surroundings Sale

It’s an interesting concept, a catalog that contains only soft items.

And they are having a SALE.

I just bought some fluffy Bellissima Towels from

Soft Surroundings Towels

They have other items, too, like clothes, shoes, sheets and blankets. I’m getting warm and cozy just thinking about it.

Imagine slinking aroung the house in this lovely Embroidered Satin Caftan.

Soft Surroundings Caftan

Or wrapping yourself in this Saturday Morning Sweater.

Soft Surroundings Sweater

Shop online. It’s cozy time.

2 responses to “The Soft Sell

  1. That satin caftan is amazing – very exotic and glamorous. Reminds me of something that an Old Hollywood bombshell would wear to lounge around the house.

  2. Yes, it reminds me of the John Galliano/Dior gown that Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars a few years back.