Time For More Resolutions

Image by Erte

My 2007 resolution was to wear more skirts.

Well, I can count on one hand the number of times I wore a skirt to the office last year. But on a positive note, in preparation for this skirt-wearing, I bought many pairs of really cute shoes.

So, this year my resolution is to wear more shoes.

This way I can show off all of those skirts.

I also want to study Italian. Maybe if I wear my Italian Ferragamo shoes while I study the Italian language, all of those nouns and verbs will sink in faster.

What are your resolutions for the new year?


3 responses to “Time For More Resolutions

  1. Awesome! I like original and fun goals. GOOD ones. Nuovo anno felice!

  2. maybe my goal should be to wear more shoes too. I own dozens and only wear perhaps four or five of them consistently.
    really, though, I never stick to resolutions. so I chose to have none this year.

  3. I think that wearing skirts would be fabulous, if only I could find a decent-looking one! It has been years since I have seen a really appealing skirt out there, and the same goes for shoes. Both of these must-have items in any wardrobe should really deserve more attention by the manufacturers!