I Want To Look Like Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst

Why? Because she is adorable and has a lively intelligence in her beauty.

Kirsten’s lovely face is accented in this photo with romantic makeup in soft, pretty colors. The lilac eye shadow really makes her blue eyes pop. She looks like a delicate little flower.

Here is how beautyriot.com suggests copying her look:

Foundation / Concealer
Start with clean, exfoliated skin. After allowing moisturizer to soak in, use a light-coverage, sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out skin where necessary.

Apply concealer to the inner corners of the eyes and underneath to cover dark circles. Apply a small amount of concealer to the eyelid as an eyeshadow base.

Apply pressed powder, in a shade matching your foundation, generously over concealer and lightly over foundation.

Apply a petal pink or rose blush. Apply color on the apples of your cheeks if your face is full, or higher on the cheekbones if your face is slim. Blend well.

Apply a light lavender color from the lid to the crease.

Apply your lid shade to the crease.

Use a delicate gold lightly on the brow bone. Use just enough to brighten your eyes. You can sweep a touch along the lower lash line for some glamour, if you like. Blend very well.

Choose a dark brown or black/brown shade if your coloring is warm. If your coloring is cool, you can use a charcoal shade or dark gray. Apply a thin line to the top lash line, from corner to corner. Use a light touch and get the color in between the lashes. You can try dotting your way across the lash line and then going back and filling in to create one continuous line.

Now apply a very delicate line to the lower lashline.To soften both lines just a bit, blur lightly with a cosmetic sponge or a soft brush.

Finally, delicately trace the inner corners of your eyes for a professional look.

Choose a pencil or powder that is just a bit darker than your hair color. Start by defining the arch of each brow. Step back and look at your entire face in the mirror, and then fill in the rest of the brow as necessary.

Curl the upper lashes. Coat upper and lower lashes two or three times with a black thickening mascara.

To get glass-smooth lips, try brushing them very gently with an old, soft toothbrush. Then apply petroleum jelly and allow it to soak in for 30 or more minutes.

Choose a sheer lip color in a rose or petal pink shade that coordinates with your blush. Apply the color in very light layers until you get a “bee-stung” look. Next apply a coat or two of clear or tinted gloss.

Here are more pictures of Kirsten Dunst:

Kirsten Dunst as Marie AntoinetteKirsten DunstKirsten Dunst
Kirsten DunstKirsten DunstKirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette
Kirsten Dunst in SpidermanKirsten DunstKirsten Dunst

2 responses to “I Want To Look Like Kirsten Dunst

  1. I like her much. She always looks fabulous.


  2. Why would u want to look like KD? She is definitely not a stunner. I think you are more beautiful than she is!!