Covet: Floral Silk Tie

Kenzo SilkĀ Tie

This one is for the boys.

There aren’t many ways for men to show their sense of style in a suit. They can choose a cut, a fabric, a color. But the best way for them to express their personalities is with a tie.

This elegant tie by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada speaks volumes about style, confidence, and good taste.

Gokan Kobo Touch Floral Shimmering Woven Silk Tie

A new line of neckwear designed by the Japanese stylist Kenzo Takada for a refined and personal collection, elegant in its simple lines yet luxurious in the materials and textures. Made in Italy. 100% silk.

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  1. eddie izzard and i thank you for the tip!

  2. Eddie Izzard? I love him.