Review: Terminator — The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The Sarah Connor Chronicles has me hooked.

A sequel or prequel? Don’t know what to label it with all the time travel. Let’s call it a continuation of the Terminator movies.

We’re 5 or 6 episodes in now and the plot keeps getting thicker.

I like the actors. Lena Headey, who plays Sarah Connor, is a little skinny to be running around acting so tough, but she’s likeable enough. Thomas Dekker, John Connor at age 15, is cute and sympathetic.

But my favorite character is Cameron Phillips, played with a sense of humor by Summer Glau. She’s a good terminator sent back in time to protect the Connors. But good is a relative term. Can she be trusted?

Summer Glau in The Sarah Connor Chronicles

It’s nice to see shows being created with strong women in the starring roles.

Have you seen the Sarah Connor Chronicles? What do you think of it? And who is your favorite character?

Mondays on Fox at 9:00 PM.

4 responses to “Review: Terminator — The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  1. I was not crazy about the show going in but it has grown on me so I am sticking with it to see where it goes.

  2. I love it! But I was bummed out a little in the 2nd show when Cameron seemed to get dumber and more mechanical compared to the time when she hooked up with John. And I can’t tell if she is to be trusted or not! I’m hooked…
    I love time travel stuff.

  3. I like time travel as much as the next guy, but the show sure went down hill after those early episodes.

    Check out my take on this defunct series (with lots o’ pics):

  4. I hate fox for canceling the show anyway I will never watch that stupid channel in my life and hope that all they show goes to hell!