Ewan McGregor: Adventurer

Ewan McGregor

Did you ever lie awake at night and think, “I wish I smelled like Ewan McGregor?”

Well, now you can. Tee hee.

Scottish actor and global adventurer Ewan McGregor released a double whammy. He has a new book called A Long Way Down, which details his motorcycle journey from Scotland to Africa. At the same time, McGregor is helping Davidoff launch its new fragrance called Adventure.

The scent is described as vibrant, captivating, fresh, spicy and woody. Top notes include mandarin, lemon and bergamot with maté leaves and black pepper. Contrasting notes are warm spices of black sesame and pimiento with cedarwood, vetiver and white musks.

“I think it is important to go out and discover what an extraordinary world we have, and the people who live in it, and to broaden our minds instead of to narrow them…The thing about a real journey is that you have to lose control of it. You can’t control an adventure.

You have to give yourself in to accepting whatever experience is round the corner. And you never have any idea what that might be.” — Ewan McGregor

Isn’t he adorable?

Ewan McGregor

6 responses to “Ewan McGregor: Adventurer

  1. But the smartest people are the ones who are adventurers and wise at the same time. they can show perfect balance even when it comes to meet something unknown around the corner!

  2. I am curious to understand the real message of his book now!

  3. He is completely adorable but I have never exactly lain awake at night wishing I smelled like him.

  4. I’m impressed by your verb usage.

  5. i love ewan mcgregor i wish i had his smell i bet he smells so good he so hott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i
    dream of being there next to him and love his movies all of them espessily young adam pillow book trainspotting eye of the beholder so i think he’s so perfect looking beautyful eyes when your watching him it feels hes staring right at you allthe time those actersses got to be so lucky to be close to him and get to kiss those beautyful lips of his so i love him always be a big fan forever and ever.

  6. ewan mcgregor ha escrito algun libro aki en españa ? por k soy una fan super de el sobretodo de la pel·licula moulin rouge ( aunke la nicole kidman no me gusta nada ) bueno os dejo mi msn es : vlgsj@hotmail.com