Fashion Meets Fantasy at Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

Here are some highlights from the Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection by Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

Such beautiful clothes.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

Don’t you wish we could dress like this every day?


14 responses to “Fashion Meets Fantasy at Alexander McQueen

  1. I really do. Life in Southern Cal if pretty fashion flat. Alas.

  2. J’adore McQueen! Pour toujour!

  3. Do you know where I can purchase this dress? I can’t seem to find it and i’m dying to buy it!

  4. I meant the feather dress with the upper lace black and white one, sorry.

  5. Alexander McQueen’s Death is very shocking new for fashion world.

    McQueen “one of the greatest talents of his generation.”

  6. McQueen you wear my favor designer…..and i always wished to met one day ,and work next to u …..i admired and loved your passion as a fashion designer…and what you have created will remain in fashion history…..GOD REST MCQUEEN……

  7. This is so unfair. We’ve lost such an important Genius. Im soo sad and shocked at once. And even if I don’t own or ever wore one of his beautiful unique creations, he inspired me. My life changed when i discovered him. he was essential for fashion.
    we love you..
    we miss you..
    Rest in Peace

  8. it is fine

  9. it’s amazing, all the designs

  10. ..i am still not accepting. him not being here with us… so sad…..:(

  11. I am not sure I would like to wear this everyday respectfully of course. It looks pretty uncomfortable in a way. I think he is pretty cool, his designs were extremely creative. I feel a sense of complexity in a way that is kind of sadomasochistic in his designs. I like fashion, I was really into it at a point and I still like it. But his fashion sometimes causes feelings of depression in me. I hope he goes to heaven, God bless him, he was very fashion forward and creative but I get his fashion and sometimes I do not love it. Although the Queen looking fashions are pretty cool. I would like to wear it, just not every day… sorry had to be honest.

  12. i think u should check his others day clothing designes, those what u see is the cat walks and his inspiration creatives designs , he was a genius.