Happy 50th Birthday Prince Albert of Monaco

Prince Albert of Monaco

Prince Albert of Monaco turns 50 years old on March 14.

Here is a birthday tribute in pictures.

First birthday:
Prince Albert of Monaco

Official Grimaldi family portrait:
Grimaldi family portrait

With sisters Caroline and Stephanie:
Caroline, Albert and Stephanie Grimaldi

Olympic bobsledder:
Prince Albert on bobsled

With father, Prince Rainier:
Prince Albert and Prince Rainier

With Princess Caroline as children:
Prince Albert with Princess Caroline

With portrait of mother Grace Kelly:
Prince Albert with Grace Kelly Portrait

In Monaco:
Prince Albert of Monaco

Happy Birthday, Prince Albert

12 responses to “Happy 50th Birthday Prince Albert of Monaco

  1. Louise P. Doren

    Great photos of the prince! To the next fantastic decades of his life!

    Happy birthday!

  2. Francessca Siklodi

    Happy Birthday Albert Hope it’s a good one only wish I could be there!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    What a great milestone in your life.

    I hope it a great one spent with loved ones and filled with happiness.

    Bonne Fete

  4. Prince Albert’s first birthday photo is the best one .

    happy birthday prince

    Best Regards

  6. im studying grace kelly!
    happy b-day albert!

  7. This is quite belated, but Bonne Anniversaire, Prince Albert! You’re 50 yrs young!!! When you can get a spare moment away from Charlene, please check out my stories on my website.

  8. yessenia grimaldi

    Mamily Grimaldi the Monaco is good… Saludos desde mi pais El Salvador C. A ,quice saber de la familia porque mi tatarabuelo era de monaco . Yo les deseo muchas bendiciones.

  9. Yessenia Grimaldi

    La familia Grimaldi de Monaco nacio con una estrella, por tener a una madre tan hermosa como Grace Kelly, soy su admiradora. Yo quiciera investigar sobre Jose Antonio Grimaldi, vino a mi pais en 1837 con un sacerdote Italiano. ¿Que direccion de correo me recomiendan? mi Email. es (ymgrimaldi@hotmail.com)

  10. Yessenia Grimaldi

    Tienen un pais hermoso, primero Dios lo ire a conocer en 2 años. Felicidades.

  11. Leeanne Burwell

    Happy Birthday Prince Albert! I think we have a family connection. After many years of wondering , I would like to finally make an inquiry. My mother -n- law Ruth Grimaldi is 80 years old. We believe her father (Michael Grimaldi) and your grandfather were related. So the story goes, they met at the end of WWII and he was invited into the royal residence in Monte Carlo. The family resemblance is astounding throughout our family. My brother-n-law could be your twin. I would like to send you pictures of our family in USA, so you can see for yourself. Not looking for anything in return. We would just like to know that we are in fact related and have extended family in Monaco. Would like a better way of communicating.

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