Pretty Bonbons Fit For a Queen

Marie Antoinette

French chocolates by the house of Debauve & Gallais have a royal history.

In an effort to help the Queen, Marie Antoinette, be able to stomach her medicine, royal family chemist Sulpice Debauve developed a chocolate bonbon. Everything tastes better with chocolate.

After the French Revolution, Sulpice opened a shop to sell his confections and they are still available today.

Debauve et Gallais

Pistoles of Marie-Antoinette: coins of black chocolate, pure 99% of cocoa (chocolat de Santé) or flavoured with almond oil (Pastilles de la Reine), bitter coffee (Chocolat des Affligés), island Bourbon vanilla (Croquignoles du roi), orgeat cream (Chocolat des Demoiselles) or orange tree flower(Chocolat des Dames),designed by Sulpice Debauve in remembering the Queen of France. – $180.96

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.



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